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Bbq Recipe 2 : hamburger.

Round two of bbq series is here, with a recipe for one of my favourite things in the whole world - the hamburger. There isn’t much i can write that hasn’t already been written about hamburgers, except perhaps that i would lose an eye and an ear as opposed to never eat another hamburger in my life. unless someone else has written that, then perhaps i’ll write that i’d take my own life and that of my best friend rather than never gobble down another morsel of greasy patty…which is 100% not true, but i feel i’d have to write something to trump the last one, and offering a body part would almost be plagarism. they’re just words anyway…

Yeah. You’ll need -

minced beef



processes cheese slice


Now i don’t believe a hamburger should be embellished in any other way. You are more than welcome to fill your hamburgers with spices, herbs, garlic, breadcrumbs or eggs, but i like a burger to taste like well seasoned meat. Others worry it won’t stay together, but it will if you keep it at the right temperature. The only thing i do do differently is place the cheese inside the burger, as if it was an infamous and elusive treasure waiting to be discovered by a gallant and handsome explorer named daniel, but it is mostly because i am single and people don’t phone me enough. I’ve heard this is called a ‘juicy lucy’ in some quarters, but i just call it ‘hamburger with some cheese inside’. You can feel free to change up the cheese depending on your preferences, and so many cheeses work so well in this, but for some reason, the gooey yellow fat of the processed cheese works best on my palate/love handles.

To compile the hamburger, take a good handful of meat seasoned with salt and pepper and split this in two. Form into half inch burgers about the size of your palm. Take your cheese and place in the middle of these two burgers, then crimp the edges down. The key to keeping your burgers from falling apart is keeping them in the fridge before you cook them. It’s quite simple really.

Throw the little fellows on the bbq when you’re ready, or like i have here, cook in a hot frying pan, until you’ve got a pretty brown crust on the outside and some medium pink meat on the inside. The added bonus of the pan is that you can fry a split bun in the meat juices, which is the cooking equivalent of buying your burger a gift or beating your waistline to death with a blunt weapon made of fat.

Top it with whatever you like or some gherkins and caramelized onion.

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