Tuesday, 15 June 2010

little thai salad.

I quite like thai food. Here is a thai salad. It should have a papaya in it, but i didn’t have no papayas. If i didn’t write that it needed papayas though, you would have never known. Unfortunately, my delete key isn’t working, so there’s no way i can keep it a secret from you now. I wouldn’t anyway...i like you too much to lie. Hopefully as much as you’ll like the following recipe…

smoked mackerel fillets (one or two. your choice fatty), chopped.

shredded carrot, half per person

shredded cucumber, quarter per person

tomato per person


couple of tablespoons of unsalted peanuts

and for the sauce…

quarter cup of chicken stock

heaped teaspoon of palm sugar

birdseye chilli

spring onions

half a lime

2 tablespoons of fish sauce

clove of garlic

coriander stalks

First we’ll make the sauce. Put all the ingredients in a pan, bring to the boil and then tun the heat off. Give it a little stir to make sure it’s amalgamated. If you need to, adjust the ingredients as you see fit. As long as it tastes delicious then it’s done. My palatte will be different from yours, mainly because i smoke a lot and drink a lot and sometimes kiss questionable women with my mouth, so it might need a little tweak if you are young, innocent and have a soft, pretty little mouth.

Next, toast the peanuts in a dry pan, and put some oil in another pan on a high heat. Hard fry the mackerel, and when it gets crisp and brown, take it out and lay it on some kitchen paper to drain and cool. Chop up the peanuts.

To serve, just dump it in a big pile and toss it with some of the sauce.

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