Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Aubergine with Tahini Sauce

The tahini sauce is very versatile and goes incredibly well with so many things. Pork or chicken kebabs, roasted vegetables or best - some spiced roast chicken. I’ve paired it here with aubergine because I had a lovely plump one sitting around.

I tried to write something funny about aubergines, but my head didn’t work today, so I put ‘aubergine jokes’ into google and found this…

‘An aubergine walks into a bar and buys a pint of lager. The barman says to him ‘we don’t get many aubergines in here’ and the aubergine goes ‘at 4 pound a pint, i’m not surprised.’


Thanks internet!


First we do the aubergine, for which you’ll need…

1 medium sized aubergine

pierce it a few times and put it in an oven at 200 for 40 minutes. right. done that…

The tahini sauce…

4 tbsp tahini paste

juice of half a lemon

touch of olive oil

a handful of chopped fresh parsley


a few tbsp of water to loosen it up

Combine everything bar the water, stir, then add the water slowly until you get the right consistency. I like it about the thickness of cream. Cover and set aside.

To finish, pull the aubergine out of the oven and split it down the middle. Throw some feta in there if you want. I did. Top with the sauce and then some fresh coriander.

Oh, hang on. I just thought of a joke…

‘Knock knock’

‘Who is there please?’



‘I’m an aubergine’

‘Why have you got a voice?’


‘Fuck off!’

Thanks brain!


  1. Looks awesome. I need to learn how to cook.

  2. I might try this.

  3. Sweeeet!
    I'll be followin' you, kind sir!

  4. Great blog, man!

    Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

  5. If it goes well with meat - I'll try it!

  6. Yay I love recipes. And this dish looks very delicious, and don't forget Mexican food ^_^. Thanks for share.

  7. My girlfriend might like this....thanks for this!